Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

When we are young and free,we make a lot of mistakes.But mistakes are good.Mistakes are actually cool.Initially,its gonna hurt like hell,of course no arguing with that but you just have to survive that initial heartbreak,whatever it may be,no matter how strong it is,the initial phase must pass.You can’t be stuck in that phase forever.

Moving on means realizing that the past cannot be changed and you just gotta accept that and in turn learn from that mistakes.We make dumb decisions but that’s okay,everybody does.Its actually no big deal.You only have to make sure that next time you ought to be cautious.But then again if you fail its fine.

“Dark times come and go….that’s life.Depression is different.Depression is not letting the light shine on you,it is shutting yourself in the dark.Some people don’t understand the difference.Wanting to be depressed in the worst phase of depression,its like you’re asking for more and more pain so that one day you might just have a good enough reason to end your life.”

BUT WAIT….that’s the depression speaking to you..What I’m telling you is that THERE’S NEVER A TIME WHEN YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO DIE.Anyhow there are always times when there are plenty of good reasons to live.Always remember the quote by James Kirkup “Suicide doesn’t end the pain.It just passes it onto someone else.” 


Guys,please..those who think suicide is the answer then ‘No’….When you kill yourself….IF you kill yourself,thats the worst mistake you will be making in your life..all those mistakes you have ever made in your past is nothing compared to the mistake of killing yourself.Think about how many people you’ll be hurting..destroying.Your best friend,your mother,your little sister…you are pushing them all into depression..And then think about that soul who has always secretly loved you.Whether you believe it or not,there’s ALWAYS a person who loves you unconditionally.You were just too distracted with handling your demons that you never had the opportunity to see it.Depression steals you of opportunities.If you die,you are throwing away the possibilities of a better future.God will never let anyone suffer throughout their life.He will give us equal amount of sadness and happiness.So darling,if you think you are suffering too much then believe that there’s as much happiness coming your way.Do not throw that possibility away.Have faith in yourself.I promise everything will turn out so much better than you have ever expected it to be.I’m speaking from my own experiences and I believe in it and I want you to believe in it too..Just friggin’ hold on.Good times are coming. An Angel will come to you and if not,then become an angel yourself..



Surviving Depression

Those out there who feel you cant fight anymore,I want you to know that there are people out here who can help you,that you are not alone.

Hey there!This is my first ever post so kindly bear with me because I’ve got tons to share with you guys..! So first of all,the reason I’ve decided to start blogging about surviving depression is because I felt many of you are fighting to live through this shit.Its hard.I know.I’ve been there but all you gotta know is that you CAN survive.It might not be easy but you CAN.That”s the Mantra you gotta keep telling yourselves.

I post every wednesdays and saturdays.So stay tuned in.Love you guys!

No no no..I’ll post every now and then..Oh God!Why am I so indecisive?